The Blind Innocence

Angelyn was born in Orange County, California, December 21st 1998.  Her gift for music was evident at a very young age.  So young that her parents will joke that she could sing before she could talk. She would spend hours outside on the garden wall singing songs she would make up, by the age of four.  Bursting with raw talent, and on her Godfather’s insistence, Angelyn’s parents found her a vocal coach. This would be the first of many professionals that would have an impact on her to this day.

  She saw her first stage performances at the annual school talent shows, while attending elementary and junior high school.  At the age of 12 she auditioned for show choir, allowing her to sing and compete with other schools statewide, often as the lead vocalist.  At age 13, she entered, “Karaokefest’s 2012 Crème de la Kids”, sponsored by “Karaoke Scene Magazine.” Earning a position as a finalist, while performing “Desperado” by the Eagles at the L.A. County Fair.

Later that year she helped form the band “Socal Vibe,” in order to participate in the Surf City Battle of the Bands, where the band received 2nd place honors, but soon disbanded.  In the summer of 2013, Angelyn auditioned for the opportunity to study at the prestigious Academy of Performing Arts in Huntington Beach, California, and was accepted.   With the help of her father the band “Blind Innocence” was formed, together with blind blues keyboardist, Greg Weins and multi-talented musician Kevin Celender.  Other members included, Brandon Shelton on lead guitar and Rene Rodriguez on bass.

Getting their first gig at a local church festival in Huntington Beach, Blind Innocence would go on to perform regularly, at many local venues.  Building a strong local following, Angelyn and Blind Innocence would go on to perform at the world famous “House of Blues” in Downtown Disney, “The legendary Crystal Cathedral, Cal State Fullerton,  and “The Playground” at  Club Los Globos in Los Angeles, to name a few.

Challenged by her own lack of time, Angelyn found herself struggling to juggle: school, homework, friends, and music.  Gigs were coming almost every week and preparation proved rigorous for the rising star. By the age of 14, Angelyn began to use the stress of daily life to her advantage. She picked up a guitar and without ay training began to develop her own unique style of songwriting.

Musically inspired by great artists like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Joni Mitchell and Carrie Underwood to name a few.  Angelyn took that uniqueness to create songs like “Savages” and “Little Girl”. Once that happened the music came pouring out of her.

Just before her 15th birthday, Angelyn met Bruce Sterling, founder of AEI Entertainment Development Firm, and what a blessing he was. Under Bruce’s guidance Angelyn continues to blossom and is now beginning to produce some of her own music. If you have never heard Angelyn perform, you’re missing out. If you have, then you will be able to recognize the signature in her voice, and the depth of her lyrics when the release of her debut album arrives spring 2016.

An undeniable talent, Angelyn just sees herself as an average teenage girl who loves running, cooking, and boys… but whose true passion is and always will be music.